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We are committed to helping each patient attain excellent oral health and to look their very best. Take pride in your smile with the help of our many services, including dental implants, cosmetic bonding, Invisalign®, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and more! Fill out this form to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Exams and Periodic Exam
Dental exams are probably the most important procedure performed at our office. It gives the doctor a chance to meet and greet the patient as well as collect valuable information even before looking inside the patients mouth. The doctor will go over medical history, medication and dietary information. She will in addition check the gum level in comparison to the bone and check for any signs of leisure or malformation in the gums, tongue or any place inside the mouth.
Digital X-rays
An image taken using a sensor that immediately sends that image to a computer screen for the doctor to analyze . This image can be enlarge allowing the doctor to focus on any designated area of concern. In addition it exposed the patient to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Another added benefit of digital x-rays is that this method is environment friendly since no chemicals are needed to develop the x-ray.
Dental Sealants
Children and adults alike are more likely to get cavities in the back molars. One of the reasons is because the back molars are harder to reach with the toothbrush and we do not have a clear view of them to make sure we've done a good job. Another reason is that these teeth have very deep grooves that make the perfect space for food and bacteria to fester. In order to avoid cavities on the permanent molars specially on kids we recommend having the permanent back molars seal. This procedure is very child friendly and painless, all we do is clean the tooth and by applying a clear material that hardens seals the top of the tooth from cavity causing bacteria
Prophylaxis/ Dental Cleaning
This procedure is consider a preventive procedure. Having this procedure done at least twice a year could prevent dental complications such as periodontal decease. During this procedure the doctor will remove all plaque, calculus (tartar) and stains from above the gum line. Having this done at least twice a year is intended to control many irritation factors that may occur in between cleanings.
Tooth Color Restorations
When the patient comes to our office with a cavity we will only use a tooth color composite for the restoration. The resins is made of a durable composite or resin that is matched to the color of your tooth. The composite or resin bonds to your tooth to help reinforce and strengthen your teeth. Tooth color restoration or composite is an alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam fillings contain around 50 percent mercury. Mercury toxicity has been linked to a variety of medical issues. Did you know that when silver fillings are taken out of your mouth they must be separated from the water and disposed of separately?
Bonding is a tooth color restoration. People often refer to bonding when they are describing a minor cosmetic procedure they had done or want to have done at the dentist to change a minor unappealing feature in their smile such as, tooth discoloration, change or cover imperfections on their teeth, close gaps in between the teeth and to change the alignment of certain teeth. The greatest benefit of dental bonding is that making this small alteration to your natural teeth will enhance the appearance of your smile.
Porcelain Crowns
When a tooth is severely decayed or broken and a tooth color restoration is not an option a porcelain crown or cap is then the procedure performed. A porcelain crown covers the entire tooth to protect what remains of the natural tooth. The porcelain crown or cap will be custom made to match and look exactly like all of your other teeth and will be virtually impossible to be distinguish from your natural teeth.
A porcelain permanent bridge is a aesthetic treatment option to replacing a missing tooth. When a patient comes to our office and is missing tooth leaving a gap between two teeth, then a permanent porcelain bridge is one of the options discussed with them. Our custom design porcelain bridge will look feel and function like your own teeth and will be virtually impossible to be distinguish from your other natural teeth. A more conservative alternative treatment to a bridge if the patient is a candidate is individual implants
Partial Dentures
When there are several missing teeth in the mouth a removable partial denture is one of the option that is discussed with our patients. A removable denture replaces the missing teeth in the mouth to give the user functionality as well as a natural look and a comfortable fit.
Complete Denture
If all your teeth have been lost, dentures are an option for restoring functionality and returning to you the smile you lost. Complete Dentures are custom made and look and function like natural teeth. If you already have dentures and they are not fitting snug you may be in need of a reline (an adjustment of your current denture) or a replacement of that denture. Complete dentures are removable and patients should be aware that there is an adjustment period when first obtaining your dentures. Complete removable dentures is an alternative to an Implant fix denture.
Periodontal Disease
Periodontal Disease is an infection of the gums and bone around the teeth. This is cause by the bacteria that accumulates daily in your mouth. This bacteria causes the gums to swell giving more room for the bacteria to accumulate. Periodontal Disease has been linked to many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes to name a few. It is also one of the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Regular dental examinations and cleanings along with good oral hygiene are essential in preventing or early detention of this disease.

Depending on the stage the disease is at is the treatment that should be performed. Fortunately many patients can be on the road to healthy gums without surgical intervention. Patients may be able to achieve healthy gums by simply having a scaling and root planing. Also called a deep cleaning. The point of a scaling and root planing is to remove the bacteria and plaque that accumulates in the mouth over time. In this procedure the doctor eliminates the bacteria and plaque above and beneath the gum line, hence the saying deep cleaning. Many times an antibiotic ARESTIN® will be recommended to help kill the bacteria that causes periodontal disease and aide in the healing of the gums.
ARESTIN® is an antibiotic that helps kill bacteria at the root of the problem. It is a prescription antibiotic approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is used together with scaling and root planing. Dr Planken will places ARESTIN® in the pockets below your gum line at the time of your scaling and on a follow-up visit. You may also receive ARESTIN® during routine periodontal maintenance.

ARESTIN® contains microspheres—tiny particles—that are smaller than grains of sand and are not visible to the eye. The microspheres are filled with the antibiotic minocycline hydrochloride. These microspheres release the antibiotic over time, killing bacteria so your gums can heal better than with Scaling and Root Planing alone.
Veneers are a quick, easy, painless solution to change discolored, misaligned, irregularly shaped , uneven teeth or many other undesirable imperfections you see every time you smile. Veneers are made of porcelain. A thin shells of tooth color porcelain is bonded directly to the front of the teeth. Placing custom porcelain veneers requires technical skill and attention to cosmetic detail. Porcelain Veneers are a conservative way of transforming your smile.
Snap on Smile
Snap-On Smile is a, easy, affordable and painless way to obtain a beautiful smile. We realize not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to get a beautiful smile. Snap-On Smile that is thin, strong and it fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile. You can eat and drink with your Snap-On Smile. It’s easy to care for and can be a temporary cosmetic solution.
In Office Tooth Whitening
A bright smile is a confidence booster that no one should be without. There are many over the counter whiting products, but if you are looking for fast results, then the In Office Tooth Whitening is the way to go. During this procedure your gums will be isolated and protected and a whitening gel will be place on the front of your tooth surface. A special light will be placed aimed at those teeth, this will cause the gel to activate. The results will astound you! Your teeth will lighten 3 o 10 shades in just one hour.
Take home Tooth Whitening Kit
Some people want a bright smile but don't have the time to spend in our office having an In Office Tooth Whitening. For these patient we offer the Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit. This takes a couple of visits but the visits are short and sweet. On your first visit our team will take impressions of your mouth. Within a few days you will visit our office to pick up your Take home Tooth Whitening Kit which will contain Custom Trays and the take home whitening product. The best part you could still achieve the bright smile you desire in the convenience of you home and for a fraction of the cost.
Take home Tooth Whitening Kit Strips
Some people want a bright smile but don't have the time to spend in our office having an In Office Tooth Whitening or coming to our office to take impressions for custom trays. If you fall into this category then our Take home Tooth Whitening Strips are made for you. This process only takes 5 days and you could achieve the whiter teeth you desire. Apply these strips twice a day for 5 days and obtain the white teeth you desire.

Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of clear aligners created for you and only you. These clear aligner trays are smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible. The aligners are placed over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements your dentist plans out for you. Replace your aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete. The best part about the whole process is that most people won't even know you're straightening your teeth.
Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances / Snoring Appliance
Do you snore, wake up several times during the night, wake up tired? If so you may have sleep apnea. The most common kind of sleep apnea is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. It is when you have repetitive interruptions in the flow of air while you are sleeping. Oral appliance therapy is an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring.
These appliances are custom made for you and needs to be used only while you are sleeping this is a great alternative for patients who do not want or can't use the C-PAP.
Occlusal Guard
Do you wake up in the morning with pain in your jaw? Do you grind your teeth while you sleep or during the day? This condition is called bruxism. Many times when a person is tense or under pressure this becomes more and more pronounce. Grinding your teeth can cause much bigger problems than jaw pain. Grinding will cause your teeth to wear down and depending on the severity and the amount of time that this condition is allowed to continue un checked, it may cause your teeth to crack or chip. If this sounds familiar, you should consider getting an Occlusal Guard/Night Guard. The procedure to obtain a Occlusal Guard is quite simple. The patient comes to our office, impressions are taken of the upper arch of their mouth. Those impressions are then sent to the lab and a few days later the patient returns to our office and picks up the custom fitted appliance. Wearing the appliance at bed time will prevent any discomfort or further damage to your teeth.
Sport Guard
Sport guards should be used by anyone who plays sports from football to skateboarding any activity that might cause injury to your teeth. If an accident happens during your activity, wearing a sport guard can avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth, or even tooth loss. The procedure to obtain a Sport Guard is quite simple. The patient comes to our office, impressions are taken of the upper arch of their mouth. Those impressions are then sent to the lab and a few days later the patient returns to our office and picks up the custom fitted appliance.
Single Implant Restoration
Single Implant are a conservative way to replace a lost tooth. Implants normally consist of three components. The first components is usually placed by an oral surgeon or a periodontist. They place a metal root/ anchor in the area that is normally occupied by the missing tooth root. Followed by a healing waiting period specified by the specialist. Once the specialist has determined that the implant is healed and is strong enough to be loaded, you are ready to restore that implant.

The restoration of the implant is probably the most important part of the implant procedure. The dentist that takes on this extremely important task needs to be highly trained, a perfectionist and have an artistic flare. Implants have to look, act and feel like natural teeth. The Restoration of the implant consist of the two remaining components. The first is a custom connection piece that connects to the anchor that was placed by the specialist. This component is known as the custom abutment. The custom abutment connects to the third and final component a custom design porcelain crown made to mimic, look act and feel like your own tooth.

There are many advantages to getting an implant instead of a bridge or any other kind of restorative procedure. First and foremost implants, if taken care of properly, are a permanent solution to a missing tooth. Adjacent teeth to the implant are not affected by the implant placement or restoration. Having an implant preserves bone and gum tissue and prevent sunken area that usually occurs after an extraction. But perhaps the best advantage to getting and implant is the great aesthetic appearance that our patients enjoy.
Implant Bridge Restoration
When several teeth are missing in the same area/quadrant of your mouth, an Implant Bridge Restoration may be the way to go. Unlike a conventional bridge where two healthy teeth are needed in order to anchor the bridge and support the fake tooth, on an Implant Bridge the support or anchors becomes the two implants that now occupied area of the missing teeth roots. Two implants can support up to four teeth depending on the situation. One of the advantages of an Implant Bridge is that the patient is no longer constrained by the fact that he may not have any vital teeth to anchor a conventional bridge, however they could still achieve a the aesthetic look with the added bonus that this bridge will not have to be replaced every 5 to 10 years
Implant Supported Denture Restoration
Even though dentures are an option for restoring functionality to a person who has lost their teeth, the reality is that they are hard to get use to, they don't feel like your own teeth, many times pastes or adhesives have to be used and the patient can't always eat or speak as they normally did . If you are tired of dealing with the above mention problems then Implant Supported Denture is the answer your looking for. Implant Supported Dentures are attached to dental implants. With as little as 4 to 6 implant you are able to support and entire upper or lower denture. The procedure is similar to the Single Implant restoration with the only difference is that at the end of this restoration your full arch will be restore. These dentures will feel, look and act like your natural teeth.
Laser Therapy
No one wants surgery! But when surgery is required, conventional treatments, utilizing a scalpel and stitches can cause a great degree of discomfort . Laser Therapy provide patients with greater comfort, less bleeding, faster healing and better clinical results. Laser Therapy is the answer to the following conditions. Gummy Smile: With Laser Therapy is possible to improve the appearance of your smile by shaping the gums, known as laser soft tissue gingival contouring. The laser safely removes excess gum tissue that may give you a "gummy" smile, or makes your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape. Tongue Tie: Laser Therapy can be used to release the tissue connection that restricts the movement of your tongue affecting your speech. Gum Recession: Laser Therapy can also be use to release the tissue connection that can cause gum recession. Cold Sores & Canker Sores: Laser Therapy is able to treat as well as decrease the amount of healing time for embarrassing and annoying sores. TMJ: Laser Therapy elevates the skin temperature to temporarily relive minor pain. A standard procedure is only 10 minutes for each site treated. A short series of 2-6 treatments is common. Laser Teeth Whitening: In just 20 minutes the Laser Teeth Whitening removes years of stain and build-up. Patients will be able to notice results immediately after the 20 minute procedure.